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2014 Lake Mead Science Symposium


Quagga mussels have limited impact on phytoplankton and zooplankton phenology and composition in Lake Mead, NV (2007-2013) — John R. Beaver1, Claudia E. Tausz1, Becky J. Blasius-Wert2, Janet E. Kirsch2, Thomas R. Renicker1, Derrick D. Cooper1, Erin E. Manis1, and Lauren M. Baldarelli1
1BSA Environmental Services; 2U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Watercraft inspection and decontamination training updates —  “Quagga D” Davis (Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission)

Lake Mead striped bass sonic telemetry study —  Debora Y. Herndon (Nevada Department of Wildlife)

Lower portal road at spring habitat improvement project —  Heidi A. McMaster and Marc Maynard (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation)

Lake Havasu quagga mussel monitoring program update —  Heidi A. McMaster, Dana Anat, Janet E. Kirsch, Jessica Stegmeier, and Marc Maynard (U.S. Bureau of Reclamation)

Changes in thermal structure and water quality of Lake Mead due to lower lake levels —  Al Preston1, Todd Tietjen2, Peggy Roefer2, and John E. List1
1Flow Science Incorporated; 2Southern Nevada Water Authority

Climate Change: Explaining the problem and its solution to non-scientists —  George Rhee (Physics and Astronomy Department, University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Evidence of endocrine disruption of common carp at Willow Beach: Do we have an answer? —  Michael R. Rosen1, Reynaldo Patiño2, David Alvarez3, Steven Goodbred4, and Kathy Echols3
1Water Science Field Team, U.S. Geological Survey; 2U.S. Geological Survey, Texas Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, Texas Tech University; 3Columbia Environmental Research Center, U.S. Geological Survey; 4U.S. Geological Survey

Assessing the impact of high flow experiments in Grand Canyon on the water quality of Lake Mead —  Roslyn Ryan and Todd E. Tietjen (Southern Nevada Water Authority)

Response of the algal community in Boulder Basin, Lake Mead to the introduction of quagga mussels and reduced water levels —  Ann L. St. Amand1, Todd E. Tietjen2, Peggy Roefer2, Jim Labounty2, and Joel Gerweck1
1PhycoTech; 2Southern Nevada Water Authority

Real-time water quality data and applications in the Las Vegas wash during storm events —  Xiaoping Zhou (Southern Nevada Water Authority)

Results of boater survey answers versus actual observations of boaters pulling their plugs —  Kami Silverwood and Tom McMahon (Arizona Game and Fish Department)

Initial Assessments of Lake Mohave water quality —  Todd E. Tietjen and Roslyn Ryan (Southern Nevada Water Authority)

Status update of the Lake Mohave fishery and Lake Mohave habitat enhancement project —  Mitch A. Urban (Nevada Department of Wildlife)

Evaluating the efficacy of quaternary ammonium compounds for wildland firefighting equipment exposed to Dreissenid adults and veligers —  Ashlie Watters, Shawn Gerstenberger, and Wai Hing Wong (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

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