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2016 Lower Colorado River Science Symposium

Keynote Address:

Overview of the Colorado River – Chris Holdren, Ph.D., Environmental Consultant


Do leaf beetles alter tamarisk evapotranspiration? Kumud Acharya, Sueki Sachiko, Justin Huntington, Ryan Liebert, & John Healey | Desert Research Institute

Occurrence of organic contaminants in Lake Mead from 2002 to 2014 – David Alvarez1, Michael R. Rosen1, Tammy Jones-Lepp2, & Michael Moran1 | 1U.S. Geological Survey, 2U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

National Weather Service wave and wind modeling efforts over Lake Mead and Lake Mohave – Stanley Czyzyk, Chad Shafer, & Caleb Steele | National Weather Service

Use of Lowrance HDS sonar units on Lakes Mead and Mohave for high-resolution bathymetric mapping – Kerry Gaiz, Mark Sappington, Kent Turner, & Theresa Thom | National Park Service

Towards detecting algae using satellite-based remote sensing at Lake Mead – Justin Huntington1, Kumud Acharya1, Kenneth McGwire1, Mark Sappington2, Kent Turner2, & Theresa Thom2 | 1Desert Research Institute, 2National Park Service

The impact of changing storm properties on water fluxes and solute transport in Las Vegas Valley – Peng Jiang1, Kumud Acharya1, Li Chen1, & Zhongbo Yu2 | 1Desert Research Institute; 2University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Developing an improved weather forecasting system for Lake Mead National Recreation Area – Todd Lericos1, Mark Sappington2, Nathan Foster1, & Dan Berc1 | 1National Weather Service, 2National Park Service

Lake Havasu water quality and quagga mussel monitoring program update – Heidi A. McMaster, Janet J. Kirsch, Dana Anat, & Mark M. Maynard | Bureau of Reclamation

The combined effects of land use and climate change on river and stream salinity in the lower Colorado River Basin – John R. Olson | Desert Research Institute

Lake Mead National Recreation Area monitoring program – U.S. Geological Survey depth-dependent water-quality profile data – Erin Orozco & Ron Veley | U.S. Geological Survey

Lower Colorado River Native Fish Database – Carol A. Pacey & Paul C. Marsh | Marsh & Associates, LLC

Marsh Education: A non-profit organization benefiting Arizona’s children and native fishes – Carol A. Pacey & Paul C. Marsh | Marsh & Associates, LLC

Concentration and spatial distribution of wholebody contaminants in common carp of Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and biological implications – Reynaldo Patiρo1, Matt M. VanLandeghem2, Steven L. Goodbred1, Erik Orsak3, Jill A. Jenkins1, Kathy Echols1, Michael R. Rosen1, & Leticia Torres4 | 1U.S. Geological Survey, 2Texas Tech University, 3US Fish and Wildlife Service, 4Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

How long does a fifteen-year drought last? On the correlation of rare events – George Rhee & Corwin Grigg | University of Nevada, Las Vegas

How evaluations of low concentrations of organic chemical contaminants are important in managing the Lake Mead ecosystem – Michael R. Rosen & Steven L. Goodbred | U.S. Geological Survey

EPA Region 9 Lower Colorado River Geographic Response Plan – Jeffery B. Smith | Bureau of Reclamation

Long-term population monitoring for quagga mussels at Lake Mead National Recreation Area – Theresa A. Thom1, Sudeep Chandra2, Andrea Caires2, Ben Smith1, & Kerry Gaiz1 | 1National Park Service, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, 2University of Nevada, Reno

Zooplankton diversity influenced by tributaries to Lake Mead – Todd E. Tietjen | Southern Nevada Water Authority

Lake Mead National Recreation Area recreation suitability guidelines – Kent Turner | National Park Service

Partnership to conduct Natural Resource Condition Assessments for Lakes Mead and Mohave – Kent Turner1, Sudeep Chandra2, & Christine (Ka Lai) Ngai Ryan2 | 1National Park Service, 2University of Nevada, Reno

Nutrients in stormwater runoff and distribution in Lake Havasu – Doyle C. Wilson | Lake Havasu City and Arizona State University

Lake Havasu conditions during the 2014-2015 Microcystis outbreak – Doyle C. Wilson1,2, Heidi A. McMaster3, Janet E. Kirsch3, & David B. Walker2 | 1Lake Havasu City, 2Arizona State University, 3Bureau of Reclamation

Lake Mead National Recreation Area educates the public and develops future land stewards – Heather J. Whitesides & Taylor Senegal | National Park Service

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