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Algae Task Force Summary — What Ten Years Has Taught Us


  Algae Task Force Summary — What Ten Years Has Taught Us - Final Report


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Chapter 1
  NDEP, 1987. “Las Vegas Wash and Lake Mead Proposed Water Quality Standards: Revisions and Rationale”
  NDEP, 1989. “Total Maximum Daily Loads and Waste Load Allocations on Las Vegas Bay”
  Nevada Administrative Code 445A.2152 Colorado Region: Lake Mead. Standards of Water Quality

Chapter 2
  Roline, Richard, Sartoris, James, and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation,1988. "Changes in the morphometry of Las Vegas Wash and the impact on water quality", Lake and Reservoir Management, 4(J), pp. 135-142

Chapter 4
  Algae Task Force, 2011. “Algae Task Force Stormwater Sampling Analysis”
  Algae Task Force, 2011. “Algae Task Force Stormwater Sampling Analysis Data”
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Chapter 5
  Flow Sciences Inc., “ELCOM-CAEDYM Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Water Quality in Lake Mead”, FSI V084015 Task 13, December, 2010

Chapter 6
  Clean Water Coalition, 2001. “Letter to NDEP with Proposal For Winter Phosphorus Reduction”
  Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, 2005. “Letter to PBS and J re: Preliminary Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the CWC SCOP”

Chapter 12
  US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, Technical Service Center, “Analysis of Sediments from the Las Vegas Bay Delta, Lake Mead”, TM #8220-10-02, July 2002

Chapter 13
  SOUTHERN NEVADA WATER AUTHORITY Resource Monitoring Water Quality Team (2008), “Las Vegas Wash Mainstream Water Quality Report, 2003-2007”

Chapter 14
  City of Henderson Report 2010
  Lake Las Vegas Discharge Permit August 2008-2013
  State Engineer’s Report 2000 – 2007

Lake Las Vegas Water Quality Reports 1992-1995; 1998; 2001-2011

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