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  Algae Task Force Summary — What Ten Years Has Taught Us

The Algae Task Force (ATF) was originally formed as a subcommittee of the Lake Mead Water Quality Forum (Forum) to investigate the causes of a green algae bloom that occurred throughout Lake Mead in 2001. To be proactive, the Lake Mead Water Quality Forum reconvened the Algae Task Force in 2010 as a result of a golden algae bloom at Lake Las Vegas.

The Algae Task Force is composed of a variety of local, state and federal agencies, whose roles and responsibilities as related to the monitoring and reporting plan have been agreed upon as outlined below:

  • Develop and distribute the Blue Green Algal Toxins Monitoring and Reporting Plan;
  • Coordinate and conduct monitoring throughout Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and the Las Vegas Wash in accordance with this Plan;
  • Provide regular updates of analytical information to the appropriate agencies and Lake Mead Water Quality Forum;
  • Develop and distribute a Fact Sheet and/or additional outreach materials deemed necessary to raise public awareness regarding blue-green algae;
  • Raise public awareness of and promote the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to minimize nutrients entering waterways;
  • Respond to media inquiries seeking general information on algal blooms;
  • Take action necessary to ensure that public health and safety is maintained as well as that of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife.

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