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Newspaper Article Archive  

      1997-Jan 20 - Eroding wetlands may affect water quality (LVRJ)
      1982-Sept 10 - State OKs Lake Mead WQS (Sun pp 15-17)
      1982-Sept 10 - Officials Claim Lake Standards Too Costly (LVRJ pp 1-4A)
      1982-May 7 - Our $60 Million Tidy Bowl (Sun pp 18-19)
      1982-Aug 20 - State Commission delays approval on LV Wastewater (Sun p 13)
      1971-April 4 - How sick is Vegas Wash (Nevadan pp 4-5)
      1970-Sept 13 - Las Vegas Valley sewage (Nevadan pp 30-31)
      1970-Feb 15 - Foxes in charge of the chicken coop (Nevadan pp 30-31)
      1968-May 12 - Whats New on Vegas Wash Pollution (Nevadan p 3)
      1968-Jun 23 - We Can Stop Polluting Lake Mead Now (Nevadan pp 4-5)
      1967-Nov 19 - Lake Mead Pollution Neglect part 2 (Nevadan pp 24-25)
      1967-Nov 12 - Lake Mead Pollution Neglect (Nevadan pp 4-5)
      1967-May 4 - Recreation Area Periled (LVRJ pp 1-2)
      1965-Jan 8 - Photo at LV Wash showing low lake level (LVRJ p 9)
      1964-May 11 - Colorado Water Curtailed By Udall (LVRJ p1)
      1964-Jun 7 - Lake Lowering Effects Studied (LVRJ p 13)
      1955-Jan 30 - Lake Mead Level at 1101 Feet (LVRJ p2)

Document Archive  

      ASCE From the Spanish Trail to the Monorail
      Evaluation of TMDL and Assoc WQS Attainment for LV Wash, Bay, Lake Mead - Oct 2003
      History of WW Collection Treatment Disposal Systems, W. Johnson - August 2003
      Microbiological, Limnological, Nutrient Evaluations of LV Wash - Bay System - Feb 2002
      40+ YRS OF TOTAL P REMOVAL (PowerPoint Presentation)

      The influence of ww drainage on limnology of Boulder Basin - January 1997
      Nutrient limitation in a southwestern desert reservoir, Eutrophication of Las Vegas Bay - September 1995
      Study of Existing Information Concerning WQ within Lake Mead - Feb 1994 Task 010A15M
      Concentration Estimates at Northshore Rd to Meet WQS in LV Bay - March 1994, R. French
      Lake Mead Eutrophication Model Development and Provisional Calibration, D. Szumski - April 1991

      TMDL and WLAs for Las Vegas Bay Rational and calculations - 1989
      Analysis of the WQS Proposed by NDEP, Appendices - August 1987
      Analysis of the WQS Proposed by NDEP - Main Report - August 1987
      Appendices for Water Quality Standards Study Report - March 1982
      Draft Water Quality Standards Study Report - March 1982
      Effects of wastewater discharges on periphyton - December 1982
      Limnological status of Lake Mead and Lake - January 1980

      Report On Wastewater Disposal, C. Sawyer - Oct 1976
      Lake Mead Monitoring Program, Deacon - July 1976
      Deacon's 1976 report to CCWMA
      A Review of the Limnology and WQS for Lake Mead - Oct 1976
      Addendum To The Environmental Assessment Annex B LV Wash Bay Pollution Abatement Project - July 1974
      Report to Governor and Legislative Commission Final Alternate Plan LV Wash - Bay Pollution Abatement Project - July 1974
      Las Vegas Bay Study - 1973
      The first two years of EPA's Enforcement Program - 1973
      Decon Interr between chem phys bio conditions of LVB and LM - January 1973
      Final rpt on interrelationships between chem, phys, and bio conditions of the waters of Las Vegas Bay - January 1973
      Mathmatical Model of Primary Productivity and Limnological Patterns in Lake Mead, Everett - 1972
      Eval of Alternates for Water Pollution Control and Resource Mgmt Phase III LV Wash Bay PAP Annex C - March 1972
      Micronutrients and biological patterns in Lake - 1971
      Effect of Las Vegas Wash Effluent Upon the Water Quality in Lake Mead 1971 - D. Hoffman
      Analysis of algal growth potential and possible discharge requirements for the lower Colorado River FWQA - 1970

      Water Quality Study of Lake Mead Report No. ChE-70 - November 1967
      Report on Pollution in Las Vegas Wash and Las Vegas Bay FWPCA - 1967
      The 1963-64 Lake Mead Survey
      Comprehensive Survey of Sedimentation in Lake Mead 1948-49, by W.O. Smith - 1960

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