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Meeting Summary - 2006 / 2005

September 21, 2006 — Meeting Summary

May 24, 2006 — Meeting Summary

February 15, 2006 — Meeting Summary

February 2006 — Systems Conveyance and Operations Program Update — Douglas Karafa, Program Administrator to the Lake Mead Water Quality Forum

February 2006 — BMI Companies.Project Status Update — By Brian A. Rakvica, P.E. Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Corrective Actions

November 2005 — Use of Ozone for Disinfection and EDC Removal at CCWRD. BY Doug Drury, Ph.D. Deputy General Manager Clark County Water Reclamation District and Shane Snyder, Ph.D. R&D Project Manager Southern Nevada Water Authority

August 2005 — PHOSPHORUS- How Low Can You Go By: Douglas D. Drury and William Shepherd

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